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Polyurethane Press On Bandage

NDIthane press on bandage is called press on tire. It is pressed on wheel rim as one assembly wheel. It is mainly used in tunnel boring machines, forklift and other mechanical engineering.  NDIthane wheel tread provides better reliability and durability.
    CJC produces press on band/wheel with max out diameter 1000mm.
The tire tread is made of NDIthane polyurethane with best load capacity
and best abrasion resistance for mechanical engineering applications.                    
   NDIthane polyurethane wheel tread has following properties: 
   1. Outstanding mechanical properties and excellent abrasion resistance.
   2. Higher load capacity without bonding failure.
   3. Lowest compression set without deformation failure.
   4. Wonderful dynamic performance with long run property.
   5. Best reliability and durability for cost efficiency.

NDIthane press on bandage selects steel welded wheel rim and seamless steel pipe. After the machining in-house, the wheel rims has H7 tolerance for next pressing-on assembly.