Engineered Components: Wheels, Rollers and Anti-vibration Control Parts

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CJC Rubber is a company specializing in the development and production of high-quality elastomer products. The main purpose is to convert soft elastomer raw materials into solid vulcanized rubber with required elastic mechanical properties. Among them, material technicians are responsible for developing and optimizing rubber formulations, physical properties, and maintaining and optimizing production and vulcanization processes. Mechanical engineers are responsible for product design, optimization, and expansion of product applications.

Material development capabilities
At CJC, rubber technology and various applications have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are proud of our knowledge and work. We have been at the forefront of this ever-changing technology. Our technicians and engineers often participate in new technologies and technical seminars and conferences and work closely with polymer suppliers and knowledge institutions (such as Peking University and foreign universities and technical colleges).

Modern laboratory facilities
CJC has its own laboratory facilities equipped with modern equipment for the development of compounds, which are necessary for elastomer analysis and measurement. This not only enables CJC to not only develop products with different physical characteristics according to the specific use of the customer but also to carry out related inspections and application tests on elastomers and applications or products.
It can meet the requirements of our customers and conduct a mechanical analysis of compounds quickly and flexibly. With our expertise and equipment, we are not only able to develop new products quickly and efficiently, but also to produce new products quickly. Our product feature coverage is not limited to wear-resistant, heavy-duty, heat-resistant, electrical, hydrolysis-resistant, and rail application series, but continues to develop and optimize the original and create new materials and product series.

Focus on innovative research and development
Product development and customers are jointly negotiated, and then the program is managed, evaluated, and modified to ensure that the program remains effective. At the beginning of the development process, the functional specifications of the product will be evaluated. A demand package was agreed upon with the customer. Corresponding research was conducted to determine the basis for meeting these requirements. Then judge or add reasonable suggestions to improve the performance of the elastomer and ensure that it will meet or exceed the expected goal. It is reviewed through the planned manufacturing process and curing cycle to ensure the test results. In the final stage of the product development cycle, the preparation of process procedures and product specifications, which include the production, processing, and manufacturing procedures of raw rubber mixtures and the quality requirements required for consistent quality of the final product. Through the control of customer needs and system quality, we can provide partners with the latest, cost-effective, and high-tech elastomer products.