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Polyurethane AGV Wheels

Item No.: 5
Tire tread material: NDI polyurethane elastomer
Hub material: Steel, Cast iron, forged steel or Aluminium etc.
Diameter: 150mm-1200mm in available.
Width: 50mm-600mm in available.
Feature: Customized as requirements.
Product parameters
Polyurethane wheels: Material Handling
Polyurethane Wheels For AGVs and Automated Equipements

NDI polyurethane wheels have best reliability and durabity because of outstanding mechanical properties and excellent dynamic performance. 
These wheels can be installed on AGV/RGV, OHCV, OHT, Stocker, Stacker crane, shuttle car, rack master, cleanway, etc. 
It is suitable for the following appications: 
 a. High load                              e. High frequency braking
 b. High speed                            f. High temperature, high humidity, low temperature
 c. Long run                                g. Clean room with anti-electricity  
 d. Wet floor                                h. Excellent mechanical properties
 For material handling industry and engineering industries, we provide customed engineering services to meet the strict requirements from customers, including tread material performance, wheel sizes and wheel rim materials. Diameters in available are from 150mm to 1200mm, maximum load capacity up to 56 tons.