Engineered Components: Wheels, Rollers and Anti-vibration Control Parts

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Our precision components serve your industries! 
     CJC takes advantage of material technology and engineering process capability to support the business machines industry, printing & packaging industry, automotive industry, medical and food industry, electronic industry, material handling industry, transport and logistics industry, etc.     
Banking & ATM Machines
 Banknote processing and cash handling industries, engineering parts for ATM Machines, Card Machines, Banknote Processing Machines, Currency Sorting Machines, Cash Recycler, Ticket Vendor, Kiosks, etc. 
    Printers & Copier Industries
High-quality rollers and custom parts for Printers, Scanners, Copier, Laminators, Large format printer, Large format scanner, and other office machines, etc.  
    Printing and Packaging Industry
The printing press, packaging, and processing machines, Paper, and film feeding functional rollers, etc.
Automotive Industry
Engineering polymer components support NVH solutions for the automotive industry.
    Automation Manufacturing
Vacuum suction gripping, material handling, conveying, etc
    Material Handling and Logistic
Forklift industry, AGVs, Mobile Robots, Wheeled transporter, Omni mobile platform, etc  

Healthcare & Medical Industry
Medical Grade Rubber Parts & Components for Medical Equipments and Consumers
    Power & Energy Industry
CJC provides engineering support for the power transmission industry, renewable energy industry, electrical industry, etc. 
    Mining & Construction 
CJC provides engineered products for the mining industry and construction machinery, mechanical enginnering, for friction drive wheels, load wheels, anti-wearing parts, hydraulic seals etc.