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    Dongguan Changjincheng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (CJC) is a manufacturer that integrates the development, molding, manufacturing, and testing of polyurethane, rubber materials, and their products. The factory has passed ISO9001:2015, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 certifications, and has been rated as a "national high-tech enterprise", which can provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective products and solutions that meet their expectations.

Company background
CJC is the world's leading manufacturer of elastomer products,has a 27-year history of development.Our rubber products are headquartered in Dongguan, known as the world's factory in South China, and we have independent factories in Vietnam, Hunan。
Our business
company background
The company's main business: polyurethane solid tires, microcellular foam shock absorbers, rubber-metal parts, rubber rollers.
Four core materials: rubber, polyurethane, silicone, thermoplastic elastomer materials
The company is headquartered in China, with 3 factories and a branch factory in Vietnam.

Annual sales of 70 million US dollars

Company Size
There are 270 people working in CJC factories worldwide
27 years of production experience
17,000 square meters production base
2 production bases, 1 material research, and development center

Value Proposition
To be the best service/value provider for customers.
CJC's insists on a simple but powerful value proposition. This is about developing excellent products that can not only meet the current needs of today's multiple industry applications, but also expand more new applications and needs, and provide them at attractive prices and reliable stability with outstanding performance The product. We combine it with excellent service to become the best value/service provider for our customers.
Strategic imperatives
CJC's strategic plan focuses on trategic priorities:hree st
Promote innovation and provide better services to customers
Establish a competitive cost structure and improve profitability
Establish organizational capabilities, improve automation capabilities, and create higher value for customers

The history of CJC in the world can be traced back to 27 years ago.