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Polyurethane Load Wheel

We develop and manufactures polyurethane load wheels with higher load capacity and abrasion resistance. NDIthane load wheels provide better performance in long run, high speed, load capacity and impact resistance, etc.
Product parameters
Polyurethane wheels: Material Handling
    Polyurethane load wheel is used for bearing the load of equipments and vehicles. It is commonly assemblied with bearings and installed on the equipments and vehicles. Sometimes it works as rolling wheels also, such as the rolling drum, conveyor lines.
   Polyurethane load wheels are made of NDIthane polyurethane elastomer with following advantages: 
   1. Higher load capacity without bonding failure
   2. Higher abrasion resistance with best durability.
   3. Smoothy rolling and high speed. 
   4. Long run. 

NDIthane load wheel use the cast iron or machined metal as wheel rim with stable structure to bear higher load. 

The whee out diameter is from 200mm to 800mm. The load capacity is up to 32000kgs. Meanwhile we provide bearing assembly services for customers with SKF, TIMKEN, NSK and other bearing brands. 

Load wheel is used in wide scope of apllications, such as forklift, conveyor line, wheeled transporters, AGVs, idle wheel units, etc.

No Bonding failure guarantee:  We design and manufacture load wheels under the FEA model with scientific calculation and simulation to make sure the wheel can bear the certain load at the certain rolling speed. 
In the other way, we develope unique heat resistance adhesives for bonding and use the automatic spraying equipments for primering even. 
The final step is bonding result testing by ultrasonic testing tnstruments made by Karl Deutsch.