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Component for Wiring Harness

Cable seals are mainly used for low-voltage wires and cables in automobiles, electronic equipment, home appliances, aerospace, and play a role in sealing protection. It can effectively prevent dust, water vapor, impurities, acid and alkali salts and other corrosive substances from corroding the cable pipeline.

     Made of high-quality materials such as polyurethane, ethylene-propylene rubber, fluororubber, etc., it has high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, aging and corrosion resistance. The cable sealing assembly can be used in flammable and explosive environment, in the harsh extreme of high temperature and flammability The environment can also provide excellent sealing protection to ensure safety and reliability.
1. Quick and easy installation, low replacement cost
2. High protection level-IP67, good waterproof and dustproof sealing effect
3. Strong wear resistance, tear resistance, compression deformation resistance
4. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, suitable for various environmental conditions
5. Used in communications, power, electrical, construction, and energy industries
6. Each size has a wide sealing range, which can be adjusted flexibly