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Urethane Covered Bearing

Item No.: 08
CJC engineers and designs different kinds ofhigh quality rubber rollers, silicone rollers, polyurethane rollers for business machines, automation equipments, kiosks, etc.
Different kinds of rubber rollers, silicone rollers, polyurethane rollers
CJC is one engineering and manufacturing company, which takes advantage of material technology and rubber processing technology to supply engineering polymer produst for a variety of applications for many industries. Our capabilities includes different types rubber  hydraulic press, polyurethane casting machines, rubber & extruders etc. CJC has one prefessional engineers team which has rich experience in polymer industry. According to the customers' requirements, CJC has the ability to manufacture the products to meet the needs. 
We manufactures different kinds of metal bonded rubber roller, including aluminum bonded polyurethane roller, bronze bonded polyurethane rollers, metal bonded silicone rollers, aluminum bonded silicone rollers, or PA, POM bonded polyurethane rollers. The special surface treatment guarantees strong chemical adhesion to all metal surfaces(cast iron, steel, aluminium, bronze, stainless steel.....) and plastic material etc. 
All rollers, wheels and rings are engineered and precision ground to form accurency surface. They are widely used in machines and equirpment for conveying, power transmission, paper handling, card handling, micro film precession, cash handling, ticket dispensing etc.