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Foam Roller

CJC provides different foam rollers, including silicone foam roller, EPDM form roller, NBR foam rollers, polyurethane foam rollers  and NDI microcellular foam/ sponge rollers. Our biggest advantage is conductivity of rubber sponge roller: High uniformity
CJC develops foam materials based on our material technology, including rubber conductive foam, polyurethane foam, microcellular foam etc. 

Foam rollers have high compression volume, excellent anti-vibration, soft contact, and other advantages. 

We are one of leading supplier of rubber foam conductive rollers  in printer and copymachine industry, including transfer rollers, charging rollers, development rollers etc. Meanwhile we custom foam conductive rollers for other applications with electric resistance value within 103 ~10Ω.

Besides rubber foam technology, we also provide polyurethane foam service for our customers, including polyurethane microcellular foam, polyurethane anti-vibration foam, polyurethane high frition foam, polyurethane high abrasion resistance foam etc.