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Light Rubber Roller

Yalide develops and manufactures rubber rollers made of rubber, silicone and polyurethane materials with aluminium metal core, stainless steel metal core and other metal cores. Rubber roller outdiameter from 10mm to 300mm. Length from 100mm to 2200mm.
Product parameters
Rubber Rollers: Rubber Coated Roller

We supply high abrasion resistance rollers for rollers durability solution. We compound rubber materials, polyurethane materials and foam materials for rollers to fulfill longer life time. 
We modify and upgrade the materials include EPDM, NR, CR, NBR, Silicone, PUR to improve mechanical properties for rollers application. Such as, we develop EPR rubber rollers for paper feeding and transport, which has double life time than regular EPDM rubber rollers. 
For extreme anti-abrasion application, we develop NDIthane polyurethane rollers and wheels to enlarge roller life time 4 times than regular polyurethane rollers and wheels. 
Based on our material technology, CJC has become leading rollers manufacturer for printing, packaging, automation, mechanical engineering, electronics industries etc.