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Sponge & Foam Rubber Roller

Item No.: 09
Sponge rollers are characterized by finely uniform foam cells structure with wide range of hardness to provide high speed and better printing results. Sponge roller are widely used as transfer roller in copy machines and printers, whatever Black-White and
Sponge and foam rollers are available in various types of open cell sponge rollers with fine, medium or large pores. We can also mold with plastic or metallic shafts as required. The finished surfaces are CNC-ground with high-precision as required. When the torque is limited, CJC can use the sponge rings or tubings to assembly with shaft and then grinding process. 

Applications: paper handling, cash handling, labelling, conveying, pressing and laminating etc.
Material: Polyurethane, NR, CR, EPDM, Silicone , etc.
Size (mm): Outdiameter: 12mm -200mm. Length: 40mm-1500mm.
Meanwhile we supply cellular rubber rollers also, which is a porous, closed-cell rubber quality, which is available in various resistance ratings and densities. It is manufactured using the expansion process.The pores are much smaller than sponge rubber's. The common material is Polyurethane microcellular elastomer. CJC supplies cellular polyurethane rollers with high quality at competitive prices.