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Rubber Molding Parts

Rubber molding parts are processed by compression molding, transfer molding and injection molding technology. Based on customers' requirements, we can fulfil the final precised parts with critical rubber properties.
The company has complete rubber production facility, including rubber milling machines, rubber extruding machines, rubber compression molding machines, rubber injection molding machine etc. Meanwhile, our rubber material laboratory can carry out the development of rubber materials to meet the customer's performance requirements and internal testing requirements. According to different rubber products, througth the adjustment of the mold and process, we can take the cold runner rubber molding, transfer molding, the injecting rubber molding to fulfil the final products.

The manufacturing capabilities of rubber molding parts:

1. Complete production facility, including from rubber compouding equipments to final products processing equipment, and various rubber molding machines;
2. Development of rubber materials, the company has an experienced team of rubber material development engineers and various rubber material testing equipment;
3. Mold development capability, process molding engineers have a wealth of mold design and development capabilities, including cold runner mold design, injection mold design and transfer mold design;