Roller for photocopy machine

Item No.: 06
rubber rollers are highly precision molded and precision grounded for printers and photocopy machines. There are drive rollers, feed rollers, developing rollers, charging rollers, cleaning roller, fixing rollers, pressure rollers etc.

   Paper transport in digital printing systems is a particularly sensitive area, which affects the operating speed and image quality of photocopy machines and printers etc. CJC develops and manufactures new rubber materials to provides high quality and high performence rubber rollers for image and graphic processing industries. We manufacture rubber feed rollers, rubber transfer rollers, rubber conductive rollers, rubber drive roller, rubber pressure rollers, charging rollers, developing rollers, fixing rollers, cleaning rollers,  etc for printers and photocopy machine.
All rubber material is formulated and milled in-house.  And rubber rollers are CNC-ground and then the quality are guaranteed by means of laser measuring instruments and digital measuring projectors-Non contact measuring technologies. That creates highest precision! 

   Our rubber rollers has the following properties:  Good dynamic load, abrasion resistance, small compression set, oil and chemical resistance, etc.
   CJC supplies high precision rubber rollers with excellent long lasting life and positioning properties with small compression set property for photocopy machines, printers, ATM, paper sorting machines and folder machines, currency sorters, tickets vender machines, card machines, etc.  We are one source of rubber rollers and platen rollers used in paper and documents handling, credit card positioning systems and cash handling etc. 

Good dynamic load, abrasion resistance, small compression set, oil and chemical resistance, etc.