Silicone Coated Roller

Item No.: 04
Silicone Roller for Laminators, Laminating Equipments, Edge Banding Machines, Plastic Film Converting Equipments, Packaging Machine etc.
Silicon Rubber Rollers are available in various colors, hardness and sizes with high precision CNC-ground surfaces,which are used in a variety of applications including banding, laminating, pressing, printing, foil processing etc.

Silicone material has the Eco-green and temperature resistance properties. Silicone is suitable for use in a temperature range between -55°C and +210°C because its mechanical properties are nearly constant over the entire temperature range (special qualities up to +250°C as well as to -100°C). 
CJC develops a variety of compounds portfolio which to fit different applications. CJC has manufactured silicone rubber rollers for thermal lamination since 2009, we are one of leading silicone rubber manufacturer in laminating industry. Meanwhile we have developed a lot of silicone rubber rollers for other applications, such as thermal printers, foil precessing etc.  Remember that all our rubber rollers are highly precision CNC-ground! 

And now, CJC has strong ability to do serve more industries, like printing, hot stamping, automations etc. If you need FDA approved or medical grade silicone rollers or silicone coated components, please send us your drawings and specifications.