Engineered Components: Wheels, Rollers and Anti-vibration Control Parts

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Product Development

Product development includes application analysis, part design, process design, and tooling design. Through these four stages, we provide customers with high-quality products. 

1. Application analysis. What is the real working conditions of products? That decides what kind of materials can perfectly match. Especially requirements, for example, oil resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, deformation, COF, stiffness, durability, etc. All our effort we have hard worked for more than 20 years is material technology for these requirements, dealing with them for customers.

2. Part Design.  Simulation and analysis by CAE methods, our engineering team can finish all the design work before reality verification. The part design will consider the cost of product integration into the product application. Part design work is done by experienced engineers with NVH, mobility, and sealing solutions. We are experts in rubber-metal bonding parts, wheels, and rolling parts, high precision parts, etc. If you have any requirements, please let me know. 

3. Process design. CJC manufactures various elastomer materials, and our engineers have rich experience in different material processes, including rubber compression molding, transfer molding, rubber-metal bonding, rubber injection molding, liquid casting molding, liquid injection molding, etc. Our advantage is various materials and various processes for customers' various requirements. Whatever you need, we have more chances to meet your needs. 

4. Tooling design. All the materials need mold or tooling before manufacturing. Mold is an essential factor in the rubber industry. Experienced mold design can help customers save a lot of material costs,  raise production efficiency, make sure of the high quality, and lower the rejection rate. Molds we can do include closed foaming mold, PU casting mold, rubber transfer mold, rubber injection mold, rubber compression mold, liquid injection molds, etc.