Large Format Rubber Rollers

Item No.: 16
Rubber Feed Roller for Large Format Scanner & Printer.
Max Length for 60" paper width. Highly precise grinded surface to keep the runout tollerance and coefficience of friction.
Rubber feed rollers for large format scanners shall be used in pairs, and a pair of rollers shall have a diameter variation of MAX ±0.05mm for all rubber hubs on the shaft, the max length of this kind of rubber roller is 60" or 1500mm. Controling the small runout and positioning property can greatly improve the scanning image results.

CJC is the supplier of famous large format scanner manfacturer: Globlescanning.  

1. Strong wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance
2. Tear and stretch resistance, compression deformation resistance, good resilience
3. Good adhesion with metal roller, not easy to degum
4. No expansion, no cracking and no degumming
5. The material is resistant to high temperature, aging and long service life