Polyurethane Feed Roller & Wheel

Item No.: 50
Polyurethane roller for banknote handling, currency sorting, cash counting in automatic banking machines, automatic teller machines, banknote counter, banknote sorting machines, cash recycling machines.
Banknote Counting Rollers
Polyurethane moulded rollers has groves which align cross the tread of roller. The groves tollerence is within 0.5 ° and the feed rubber surface are ground with tollerence less than 0.05mm. The accuracy dimensions make sure the banknote process and currency handling function no mistakes.
CJC develops new compounds formulation to improve the hydrolysis resistance property. BASF polyurethane materials provide stable physical performence and avoid the deformation of feed rollers in the future working conditions. Polyurethane has high performence in abrasion resistance than other materials in order to provide durability for Banking and ATM industry and other banknote processing industry.  
CJC has been served as supplier for OEM parts for Banking and ATM industry, we cooperate with manufacturers to develop many polyurethane parts which are used in ATM machines, Cash recylers, currency sorting machines, banknote processing machines, etc.   In this business, "Zero Defect" is the core. Each part is relative with Money, Customers' Trust.