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Polyurethane Drive Wheels with Key Way

Item No.: 3
Polyrethane drive wheels with keyway  is manufactured with outdiameter from 200mm to 1000mm. It is used for heavy duty application. The wheel tread is NDIthane polyurethane elastomer which has higher load capacity, outstanding abrasion resistance.
        Polyurethane drive wheel with Keyway is installed on the drive unit, like gear boxs, drive motors,etc. It is normally used in heavy equipment as drive unit. Specially, these wheels are used on steel rail because of excellent friction drive performance. 
       The wheel rim is machined with H7 tolerance for installation, the material of cast iron, machined round bar or weled steel can be selected by customers. 
       Applications: engineering machines, hanged cranes, heavy duty conveyor, heavy duty transportors etc. 
       High coefficiency of friction
       Good braking performance
       Heavy load bearing capacity
       Resistant to wearing, oil corrosion, compression set

No Bonding failure guarantee:  We design and manufacture load wheels under the FEA model with scientific calculation and simulation to make sure the wheel can bear the certain load at the certain rolling speed. 
In the other way, we develope unique heat resistance adhesives for bonding and use the automatic spraying equipments for primering even. 
The final step is bonding result testing by ultrasonic testing tnstruments made by Karl Deutsch.