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CJC can process all elastomers, including rubber, silicone, liquid silicone, polyurethane, thermoplastic, etc. The supporting facilities include compression molding machines, rubber injection machines, rubber extruding machines, low pressure cast polyurethane machines, shot blasting equipment, cleaning equipment, automatic glue sprayer,  rotary turntable tables, vulcanizing equipment, and grinding machines, etc. 

Bonding technology: Integrated shot blasting machines, cleaning machines, and glue sprayer together as one working station, fulfill the perfect treatment of metal parts, ensuring the bonding performance and enhancing the production efficiency. 

Cast NDI Polyurethane technology:We develop and custom reactor for NDI prepolymer to fulfill the stable storage of NDI prepolymer to 6 months. NDI polyurethane is usually used to produce solid forklift wheels with excellent mechanical properties and outstanding dynamic performance. Through simplifying the vulcanizing process after hundreds of testing, we shorter the vulcanizing period of NDI elastomer and keep the high performance same as Vulkollan. 

NDI Polyurethane microcellular technology:Using the NDI prepolymer which is developed by ourselves and closed molding technology to produce microcellular blocks and components, the whole production has occurred in the continuous automated line. The material is very even with pore size about 200μm, density from 300kg/m³ to 650kg/m³. This material is the best choice for NVH solution, such as jounce bumper, spring aid, lift buffer, crane buffer, etc.

Precise grinding and molding technology: Elastomer is not like metal, it has rebonded when you machine or mold them. Our process engineers know well about our materials to make sure that the dimensions and specifications of components are within the tolerance. CJC starts as a rubber roller manufacturer since 1997. We are experts in grinding technology. Since that, precision is our core technology.  We mold small precision components for electrical sealing and banking equipment within 0.08mm. Meanwhile, we provide third-party services, including die-cutting, slicing, drilling, waterjet cutting, etc.